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International Training Division clubs will be on November 28 -30 06 annual meeting held in Hong Kong

International Trainer Club, the club will be guided by the Training and Certification Center organized the training division event next year. The spirit of "oriented specialization, localization, training bodies, vocational training division and the enterprise training division of the development of service" as the 2006 Chinese training and development of the annual meeting of "training and development", "training and management," "9 +2 framework of the Chinese training opportunities," the three themes, presenting cutting-edge information, the depth of analysis management case, the pragmatic explore training for combat skills, the international top master zero distance transfer management and training problem, then 2000 will hold a master platform, professional forums and seminars in more than 40. International Training Division club, the Asia-Pacific region has become the most influential force training and development conference. 

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