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Hong Kong Training and Certification Center (HKTCC) International occupational qualification certification system is a self-Gu participation in the plan, intended to help all types of pre - who, in the workplace who flexible life-long learning, its mastery of knowledge and skills and enhance their employment opportunities and enhance the competitiveness of the job market and to meet the certification requirements of the personal system to provide certification services. The certification covers business scope will include most of the workplace assessment and certification system. Hong Kong Training and Certification Center (HKTCC), the international professional certification positive and pragmatic style has been recognized and welcomed by a large number of people with workplace. Long-term, Training and Certification Center (HKTCC) expectations of the international professional qualification certification system could become a symbol of the skills and level of personal representatives accredited certification system requirements have been met. Any workplace who need to upgrade their ability to carry out certification and evaluation models in terms of skills, and strive to be their own applications with the requirements of the certification system. Those who wish to know more informative Authentication project, please refer to the "verification projects"