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Training services : Since the establishment of the training center in Hong Kong, is committed to providing high-quality professional education and training services for businesses in Hong Kong and the Asia-Pacific region and trained professionals. Hong Kong training center lecturers from different industries, with professional qualifications and experience, both high academic and technological acumen. In a knowledge-based economic development trend, we would be very happy to provide training services for various industries, we will carefully analyze their training to their needs, and to develop an appropriate training program for front-line staff and management courses such as technical training courses to help the sector more effectively for business development. 

Authentication services : Hong Kong's training center for membership in all industries and types of all types of research, one of the pre - and post-China will provide operators with international vision occupational qualification certification and accreditation at the same time provide this certification programs based on the skills and management training, in order to enhance their competitiveness and achieve better performance.