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HKTCC 123 Plan.

September 2006, Hong Kong has developed a training center aimed at the mainland market into the 123 development projects. This project is the training center in Hong Kong against the mainland market in the future blueprint for the development and strategic planning : "synchronous economic development in the mainland in light of 9 +2 national strategic planning to enter the mainland market implementation of the International Professional certification and skills training professionals," the need to regularly review and update, followed by social and economic development and restructuring. Hong Kong Training and Certification Center will focus on the strategic development plan review, that is the basis of this development plan. 123 general framework of the development plan : one year to complete the certification training centers and cities in the distribution network, two years to complete the international system of skills training professionals to create, within three years to collate and comprehensive distribution center headquarters and link up with other areas of the project.

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